# Mobile Application

Sync&Share gives you access to your data via a mobile application (smart phone or tablet, IOS or Android). It can be downloaded from the 2 blinds by searching on the name of your Sync&Share. Once installed, you can find all your cloud folders (synchronized folders, web folders, shared folders, and your MyBoxDrive).

Here are the main features:

⦁ Access to your files, reading, modification (if the necessary software is installed)

⦁ User Sharing, Public Link Sharing

⦁ Notification(s) on your apps icon (new share, new file)

⦁ Access to phone email addresses

⦁ Taking a photo directly in a cloud folder

⦁ Automatic update

⦁ Ability to update folders only with Wi-Fi access

Application mobile Application mobile Application mobile

# Holding on

If your mobile application is multi-tenant, you must enter a tenant name to connect. By default the name of your tenant is included in the URL of your Sync&Share.

For example, if you connect to your Sync&Share on the web with the following URL :

  • https://tenant.syncandshare.com Tenant URL

So your holder's name is "cloud".