# Consult the events of file(s)

Viewing the activities of your folders can be very useful when sharing folders, you can see all the actions that have been carried out by a shared.

# The Activities tab

Select the item whose activity you are looking for All events related to a file or the contents of a folder appear in the information panel. visible on the right side of the NumSync web interface in the Activities tab. You can follow all the actions performed (creation, modification, deletion, renaming, ...) by users on a file or a folder a given file, with the exception of actions carried out within a file itself, whether or not it can be edited online.

Here are the steps to do :

1 - Go to the "My shares" tab or to the "My public links" tab.

An image

2 - Select your item.

An image

3 - Click on the i in the top right corner "view details".

An image

4 - Click on the "activity" tab.

An image

All web actions in the selected folder appear: file deletion, renaming, link created, uploader done, etc... with the name of the collaborator or the e-mail address of the external person who accessed the link.