# Create online office documents

Depending on some versions of Sync&Share, your solution allows you to create office documents such as word processing, spreadsheets or presentations directly from the web interface of the solution.

# Create a new online office document

The button " New " present in the folders you own, or whose content you are authorized to modify, allows you to access the to create new office documents. The files thus created can be edited online and allow multiple users to interact simultaneously on the document.

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# Format of online office documents

Documents created from the web interface have the following extensions: ".nvxsl" for spreadsheets, ".nvppt" for presentations, ".nvdoc" for word processors. Files with these extensions can only be edited online.

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# The export of documents

If you wish to use the files on your computer, the online editor offers you an export/conversion function for documents in other usable formats including Microsoft Office® format

The export/conversion functionality to other formats is available in the left part of the online editor by clicking on the icon representing a document and then selecting the option " Download as ... "".

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# Save a document

In order to save your document correctly and not to lose any information, we invite you to save your document using the registration available in the left-hand menu of the online editor or to exit the editor by clicking on the cross in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

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# Collaborate around an existing office document

In order to collaborate around an office document, your solution offers a feature to convert your office files to .docx, .xlsx, or pptx as editable files in .nvdoc, .nvxls or nvppt format. In the case of a conversion, the original file is kept and a copy in the format editable is created.

The edit/convert option is available in the individual actions menu when you select a file that you are allowed to edit.

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